Call for Nominations to the Board

The AMES Executive is currently seeking nominations for Board Members commencing in the Fall 2017 for a 2 year term.  Board Member responsibilities include:

  1. Attend regular meetings (conference call and/or in-person) of the Board of Directors, at least four (4) times per year. Be accessible for personal contact in between board meetings via email correspondence and phone calls;
  2. Provide leadership to one of the nine (9) portfolios and is expected to serve as an active, ongoing member of the Board;
  3. Prepare in advance any material needed for decision-making and policy formation at board meetings; take responsibility for self-education on the major issues in MCSS;
  4. Responsibly review and act upon committee recommendations brought to the board for action;
  5. Participate in the annual development of future conferences and review the Strategic Plan and Constitution;
  6. In general, utilize personal and professional skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of AMES.

The current AMES board is comprised of a diverse group of professionals from the Ontario Works sector, representing many regions in Ontario. These include:

  • Michael Simon, Wellington County
  • Krista Atkinson, Region of Waterloo
  • Kelly Scott, Simcoe County
  • Cecilia Dickinson, Lambton County
  • Andrew White, Wellington County
  • Jeremy Bullock, Dufferin County
  • Carrie Avery, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

All nominations must be approved by management in order to be considered. If you wish to be considered for the Board, please email Carrie Avery at or Krista Atkinson at and include your contact information as well as the name of the person approving your nomination.

Thank you in advance for your interest in being part of the AMES Board

AMES Executive